What’s Trackszone?

Music Industry is so big, it has a spot for everyone. If you’re still wondering what’s yours, we’re here to help you find it. Trackszone is a platform where Musician can sell their production, buy other’s one to give ‘em a twist or just release cool music they find here under their name. Want to know how? Keep reading.

How can Trackszone help me?

Let us do the dirty work for you. If you’re a producer and you think your track is ready for the big audience, we’re here for you. Let us forward it straight to our contacts in the music industry to get it signed right away.

If you think your track still needs that little touch to make it sound professional, we’re here for you. Purchase the service you feel like it suits the best for your track, and wait a maximum of one week to hear it brand new and ready to be compared with the industry standards.

If you’re an aspiring producer but you don’t feel ready for the big step yet, guess what? We’re here for you. Chose your style scrolling through tons of different genres and simply watch your career blowing up thanks to a top-quality production level, direct contacts to the industry strongest labels and instant deliveries.

If you’re a rapper and you find a beat that get the flow instantly out of your brain, we’re here for you as well. Chose the sound you prefer and let the pen do the rest.

If you need that little sparkle that will put your creativity on fire, you can buy our Beat Starters at a lowered price and you’ll find everything you need to create your own banger from a great starting point.

I purchased one of your Services. What do I have to do now?

Count to three. One, two… and bang. Check your email. One of our professional Team Member will get to you instantly to let you know exactly what to do according to the service you purchased. Easy, right?

I purchased one of your Ghost-Productions. What do I have to do now?

Download the zip file you find together with your purchase - doing that, you ensure that the track you just bought now belongs to yourself completely. Together with the Professionally Mastered versions (.wav and .mp3), you’ll find a folder with all of the stems, just in case.

Do I own the rights of the track I just purchased?

Of course you do. Once the purchase is completed, you can do whatever you want with it without referring to Trackszone anymore, getting 100% of the royalties and the rights of the track. But, of course, you can hit us up if you need any help, in any moment.

Will anybody know that I didn’t produce this track?

Trackszone will never reveal to third parties the name of their clients nor their purchases, wether if they bought a song or a service. We ensure extreme secrecy.

I’m not happy with the work you made, do I get the money back?

If, by any chance, you’re not happy with one of our service, we’re afraid you won’t get your money back. This is because a team of producers and engineers already worked for you. However, you deserve unlimited changes and we’ll be here 24/7 to make the track sound exactly how you want it to do. You won’t be disappointed!

I want to change the sound of a sample I found in the stems folder. Do you provide MIDI files?

We do. They’re originally in the folder, but just in case, every single one of our project is stored with care to make sure we can satisfy every request our clients may have. Just send us an email through the CONTACT FORM if you have any problems!

I’m a producer and I want to sell my tracks through your site. How?

First of all, we’re proud you chose us. Simply HEAD TO THE SELLING PAGE and follow carefully the steps to upload your tracks. To keep the quality the highest possible, a Member of our Team is constantly at work reviewing submissions. If we like your tracks, they will be published right away. Now just wait for them to be sold!

Can I sell my Remix / Bootleg through your site? 

Unfortunately, Remixes and Bootlegs are not accepted on our Shop.

I want to sell a track with a vocal on it. Is it allowed? 

As soon as the Vocal is Royalty Free, it's perfectly allowed! If the track has an original Vocal, is it okay too as soon as the singer is aware and gave you the right to sell the track. 

Do I have to pay anything to sell through your site?

Not at all.
We’ll keep a percentage over the sale (30%) once the track is sold, but you don’t have to pay anything in advance.

How will I get paid?

When signing the contract, we'll ask you which method you prefer to be payed with.
Anything is fine, but PayPal will make things easier if you have it!
You'll get the money as soon as the track is sold!

I purchased one of your tracks / services but didn’t get any email. What do I do?

We don’t know exactly what went wrong, but we’re here to help. First, check the spam folder in your mail box. Still not found it? Report that immediately to our email and we’ll sort this out. We guarantee you’ll get what you paid for!
CONTACT US: shop@trackszone.com